EDU 225


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The first subject that is going to be discussed is how assessments can help teachers and how the technology is helping with the assessment even more. The second subject has to do with the technology. The final subject covered how this will show the community where our school is at. The research that has been going on for more then10 years by apple has been helping schools and companies to develop better assessment programs to help the students. There are so many apps out there that can help with assessments. There is also is several computer programs that can help teachers with assessments. One of the programs online are This site helps teachers make assessment tests and answer sheets to the tests. This will help make it easier for teachers to go over their progress and advancements with the students and their parents. This will also help when they want to share their progress with other teachers or faculty.

Teachers, parents and students can use computers to check the progress in all classes and see what is needed to be worked on. It will also show them the progress of their assessments and what is needed to be worked on to make their next assessment better. Teachers can use the info from the tests to make an IEP’s easier. They also can use this info to make plans for other teachers to make sure that they use the test info for the next week’s lesson plan.

Using this new technology will help show the school district and the community on how the students are doing and where there is progress to be made. This will show the community what the schools and teacher need to work on with the students to make major improvements on their test scores. On scores for the school. It will also help with letting the student know where they sit.

Pros and Cons of software.

The software that is out there it has a lot of great things that can help teachers do testing one the students and also help get results right away that they can implement into the lesson plan. It also a good thing for the school so that when they have their meetings for the IEP’S they don’t have to wait for a counselors to do the testing on the students. The down fall is that the schools will have to pay for new licenses every year for the software and the teachers will have to keep on top of the updates so that the test come out right. The teacher will also have to make sure that everyone can use the software on their computers. If they are not compatible then they will have to find a computer for them to use so that they can look at the results of the scores of the student.

To sum up of what we went over. We looked what was used to make the assessment quiz. From there the technology was covered and how it will make things go easier for doing assessments and finally we went over the pros and cons of the assessment software that teachers can use


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